How to add site home page button to toolbar in Firefox, Safari and Opera [Tip]

A button that opens website home pages is not something included in Firefox, Safari or Opera. Lots of websites have navigation buttons that open the home page, but not every site include them. You can add a website home page button to Firefox, Opera and Safari with the UsableHomePage and Site Home extensions.

This is the Site Home page on the Opera button. Add the extension to Opera from there. Then your toolbar will include a Site Home page button on it as below. The same extension is also available for Safari from this page.

site home button

Open a page on a website that isn’t its home page. Then press the Site Home button on the toolbar. It will redirect you to the home page of the website.

Firefox users can add the UsableHomePage button to their browser from this page. After adding it, restart the browser to activate the extension. Then you’ll need to add Firefox’s Home button to the toolbar if it isn’t already on it. Press Open menu > Customize and then drag the button onto the toolbar as below.

site home button2

Now press the Home button. It will take you to the home page of the website open in Firefox.

So with UsableHomePage and Site Home you can jump straight to the home page of a website with Firefox, Opera and Safari. That will come in handy when browsing sites that don’t have a return to home page navigation button.  

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