How to turn off alarm by taking a selfie in Android [Tip]

Here in dotTech, we’ve already featured several alarm clock apps. Each app has its own distinguishing feature. For example, there’s an alarm clock app that won’t stop until you stand up and shake your phone. There’s also an alarm clock app that will only stop if you correctly solve a puzzle. Now, here’s another cool addition.

Snap Me Up” is another type of Android alarm clock app. What makes it different is that it won’t let you turn off the alarm unless you take a picture of your face. So if you wish to know more about how it works, simply read on.

How to turn off alarm by taking a selfie in Android

  • Before you can set up a custom “selfie” alarm, you must first add the app to your Android phone or tablet. So click here to download and install the “Snap Me Up” app on your device.
  • Once added, open the app from your app launcher.
  • Swipe the app screen to get started.
  • Press the red button at the bottom of the screen to create a new alarm.

Snap Me Up Android

  • Set your desired alarm time or nap duration, set the tone, interval, color and awakening method. For awakening method, make sure to select “Snap” instead of Normal.

Snap Me Up Android b

  • Once your alarm has been set, you’re already free to sleep until it’s time for you to wake up.
  • Once the time is up, your alarm will automatically turn on. It will continue to make a sound until you take a snap of yourself, particularly your face. Just press the capture button on your alarm screen to take a selfie and that’s it.

Snap Me Up Android c

  • If you want to view your previous sleepy snaps, just go to the app’s image gallery.

It’s that simple.

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