How to enable Airplane Mode on Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time [Tip]

Airplane ModeIf you aren’t great with travelling in the air because you have a fear of flying then you probably will automatically take every precaution possible before stepping foot on the plane. The one thing that many people do in that situation is to make sure their mobile devices are switched over to the Aeroplane mode or Airplane mode for those in the US. If you already have owned the iPhone in your pocket for some time, then you might already know how to turn on Airplane mode on the iPhone. However, you want to learn how to enable Airplane Mode on the Apple Watch also. Here’s how to do that at the same time:


1. Turn on the Apple Watch.

2. Swipe up on the display.

3. Swipe right to the Settings.

4. Tap the Airplane Mode button that’s located on the far left of the screen.

Apple have made an easy way that lets you mirror the same Airplane Mode setting with the iPhone so it’s quicker to do both since both devices usually go hand in hand.

1. Tap the Apple Watch app for the iPhone.

2. Look for the Airplane Mode under the “my Watch” list.

3. Swipe right to toggle the mirror iPhone switch on.

It’s not a great deal quicker than the usual Airplane Mode from the Settings. However, it offers a new way to do it that at least gives you the new scenery if nothing else. Those same old Settings sure get boring after a while.

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