How to force close apps on Apple Watch [Tip]

hang-up-on-EmilyJust like the iPhone, the Apple Watch is capable of using applications. The Apple Watch is going to get a lot more power with the new WatchOS 2 software update coming, but even with it you can still find some useful apps to use right now. Choose from weather, travel, sky guide, Yelp, Instapaper, sport, deliveries and more. Once you have your selection of apps that you find useful in your life, you might be looking to eventually kill apps on Apple Watch. Here’s how you can do that with little fuss:


  1. You’ll need to start with the Apple Watch on and start using an app.
  2. Now to force quit/close that same app, hold down the button on the side until the power slider is on the display.
  3. Let go of the button and press it again instead of turning the Apple Watch off. Now it will force close the app that’s currently operating.
  4. Once complete, the watch will navigate you back to the Home screen where you can think about performing your next task.
  5. It’s as simple as that! Now you can think about opening a different apps and more confidently now that you know how to easily kill the app next time. Thanks for reading this Apple Watch tip!

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