How to root Karbonn Sparkle V on Android 4.4.4 KitKat [Guide]

Karbonn Sparkle VThe Karbonn Sparkle V is part of the Android One smartphone range by Google and is aimed at taking over some of the smaller International markets. If you thought this handset was a great choice to buy and now own it, we advise gaining root access and installing some additional apps from Google Play. Root access has many advantages, including removing the bloatware, boosting the performance, installing custom ROMs when available and even increasing the battery power. Before you can try any of that, first you must use the guide below to unlock your device away from the manufacturer’s restrictions.


Sparkle is an OEM and has numerous smartphones under it’s name. You can only use this guide for the Sparkle V and no other or else you could brick the device.


  • Download the Fastboot mini file from here.
  • You need the ADB drivers running on the Windows PC from here.
  • Once you connect the handset to the computer with internet connect, it will automatically download and install the drivers if you have the Fastboot and ADB installed. Those who don’t have the drivers working can download them manually from the Google Developers page.
  • Download the SuperSu flashable zip file from here.


  1. Connect the Sparkle V smartphone to the computer where you downloaded the aforementioned files.
  2. Open the Fastboot folder and right-click the mouse on any white space where there’s no file and hold the Shift key at the same time. You’ll get a new menu popping up. Choose to open the command prompt window here.
  3. Type “adb reboot bootloader” into the window and press enter to confirm the command.
  4. Once in Fastboot mode, copy these two commands: “fastboot oem unlock”, “fastboot format userdata”  into the command prompt and press enter.
  5. You should now find the bootloader unlocked so you can install a custom recovery and gain root access
  6. Install Philz Touch Recovery or CWM Recovery on the Sparkle V smartphone by clicking through to one of those guides. Come back to this guide once it’s complete.
  7. Use your unzipping tool of choice to extract the executable custom recovery file and place it in the same folder as the Fastboot from above.
  8. Now open the command prompt window from inside the Fastboot folder again just like before by right-clicking the white space and holding down Shift. Choose “open the command window” here option from the menu.
  9. Type these twpo commands into the window:  “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” and “fastboot reboot”.
  10. By now you should have the bootloader unlocked, the working custom recovery image of your choice and now it’s time to provide the finishing touches for the root access.
  11. Copy the Super SU file from above to the internal storage SD card on your Sparkle V smartphone.
    Connect it to the same computer that you flashed the recovery.
  12. Open the command windows once more and enter this command: “adb reboot bootloader”.
  13. Now enter the recovery mode and navigate to “choose zip”, followed by “install zip from SD card” and browse your SD card for the Super SU package you transferred to the internal storage earlier.
  14. Your handset is official rooted. Now head back to the main recovery screen and select to reboot the system now. Once it reboots, you have root and are ready to flash a custom ROM.

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