How to flash TWRP Recovery on Galaxy S4 Mini I9195 [Guide]

TWRP GalaxyIf you are looking to flash TWRP recovery on Galaxy S4 Mini I9195, all you need to do is follow the guide below. Once complete, you’ll have a sweet custom recovery installed that allows you to flash multiple zip files at once, take a complete snapshot of the current ROM and data with a NANDroid backup, restore existing backups, wiping existing data, wiping the caching options and more. Here’s all you need to do that:


There are two main Samsung Galaxy S4 variants. However, the guide below only applies to the I9195 variant. Do not apply it on the other. You can check the model number by heading in the About Device menu from the Settings.


  • Update the Samsung USB Drivers by downloading them on the Windows PC before continuing. Most times you must reboot a computer before the drivers will begin working. Bookmark the page and come back to it if you must do that.
  • Unlock the Developer Options if you haven’t unlocked the hidden Android menu already by heading in the About Device menu and tapping the build number around seven times.
  • Now enable the USB Debugging Mode by entering the new Developer Options menu that’s now unlocked and available from the Settings.
  • Note that flashing a custom recovery image is voiding the warranty — if you have any left.


  1. Download the TWRP Recovery file here.
  2. Download Odin to the Windows PC here.
  3. Extract both folders and find the executable files inside. You can do that by right-clicking over the files and choosing to extract them here.
  4. Chose to run the Odin application and leave it running until we come back to it soon.
  5. Power off your S4 Mini by holding down the Power until it completely shuts down.
  6. Boot the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini into the Download Mode we need before connecting it to the Windows computer.
  7. Hold the Power, Home and Volume Down keys together until the screen changes and you see a warning symbol.
  8. Now press the Volume Up key and you’ll finally get into the Download Mode.
  9. Connect the S4 Mini to the computer with the USB cable.
  10. Watch as the ID: COM ports inside Odin change color and it shows that your device is now connected. Those of you who don’t see this should probably update the Samsung USB Drivers on the computer and reboot the PC.
  11. Click the PDA button and browse the desktop of the executable TWRP recovery file you want to flash on your device. You should have extracted it at the beginning of the guide.
  12. Leave the Odin default settings as you see them already. They include: Auto Reboot checked and the F Reset Time checked.
  13. Auto reboot means that your galaxy handset will reboot after the flashing stops. that’s also when you know it’s time to unplug from the PC.
  14. Now click the Start button and wait until Odin flashes the TWRP recover yon your device. It can take over ten minutes to complete so hang tight.

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