How to convert text to uppercase, lowercase or sentence case online [Tip]

In Word, it is easy to change the text case to uppercase, lowercase, etc. Now, what if you’re typing online or what if you’ve copied a text online and it’s in all caps? How do you paste it on another page in sentence case or lowercase without the need to re-type the whole sentence or paragraph?

If that’s what you want, then just read and follow these steps.

How to convert text to uppercase, lowercase or sentence case online

  • Open your web browser of choice. You may use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.
  • On your web browser, open the homepage of “Convert Case”. It’s an online tool for changing or converting the case of your selected text.
  • Once you’re on the Convert Case page, you may type or paste the content that you want on the text field.

change case of text online

  • Once done, take note of the buttons below the text field. There, you will find the options to choose if you want to change the case of the text to sentence case, lowercase, uppercase, capitalized case or alternating case. You can also see the word count and character count of your text.

change case of text online b

  • So, just choose from any of the available options. If you’ve pasted a text in full caps, you can change it to sentence case or lowercase. Just click the appropriate text case conversion button and that’s it. The result will be shown on the same text field.
  • Just copy the converted text from the text field or simply download it as a text file.

That’s it.

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