How to disable autoplay for video tweets in Twitter [Tip]

Twitter has recently rolled out a new feature for iOS, Web and Android. This new feature allows users to automatically play native video content, animated GIFs and Vines on their feed and timeline. Twitter says it’s for a more enjoyable streamlined media experience. However, what if you still prefer the classic click-to-play style? What if you do not want to enable the video autoplay feature on your mobile at certain times because it consumes mobile data? If that’s the case, then you can go ahead and follow these steps.

How to disable autoplay for video tweets in Twitter

  • Log in to your Twitter account for Web.
  • Once logged in, click your profile picture at the top navigation bar and then click “Settings”.
  • On the settings page, go to “Account” and then “Content”.

disable autoplay for video tweets

  • Under “Content”, look for the “Video Tweets” option and then uncheck the box next to “Video Autoplay”.
  • That’s it. By disabling the Video Autoplay feature, the videos that you see won’t automatically play across the Twitter website. This also includes the animated GIFs and Vines that are being shared across the social networking site.

Now, if you still don’t see the option on your Twitter account settings page, it is most likely that the video autoplay feature has not yet been made available to your account.

Twitter video autoplay

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