How to use Spotlight on Mac in OS X Yosemite [Tip]

Spotlight searchDepending on what part of the world you hail from, you might know Spotlight as a curtain store or a light shining down on an area. In an Apple Mac, the Spotlight is your main source to help you find anything to do with your Mac computer. Whether it’s emails, contacts, work documents, apps or something different, you can use the Spotlight feature to easily locate it. Similarly, Spotlight also works like a search engine with helping you find content on the web. The end result? You save time and being more efficient with your Mac. Here’s how it’s done:


1. Hold down the command key and press the space bar at the same time to bring up the menu bar.

2. You’ll see a picture with the magnifying glass in the search field.

3. Type in any query you may have to the Spotlight search bar, click enter and wait for the results page.

4. Once you become more familiar with your Mac, you can narrow down the search options to help your Mac locate what you are looking for quicker by reducing the hard-drive space it searches to find any particular item.

5. Those wishing to try customizing the search results can click the menu.

6. Now select “System preferences” from the next menu.

7. Click the Spotlight option and drag the categories to move them in a new order. The order will dictate what order Apple does the search. Move the categories which you think are most likely to return positive results to the front of the list.

8. To exclude categories from the searching phase, uncheck the category of your choice.

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