How to import bookmarks from other browsers to Microsoft Edge [Tip]

With an intention to build Edge as a modern web browser, Microsoft has tried to add many common features to make the browser on the same page with others on the market. Thanks to this mindset, bookmarks importing is now available in Edge.

This feature helps you import bookmarks (favorites) from browsers like Chrome, Firefox and even Internet Explorer. If you decide to stick with Edge and want your bookmarks to be transferred over, here’s a simple way to do it.edge_favoriteimport_1

First, you need to open Edge and select Settings from the ellipsis icon.

After which, hit the link for “Import favorites from another browser.”

In the next pane, simply stick the box of the browser you want to import bookmarks from.

Finally, click Import and you’re done! This method works with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

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  • Manie

    No, no Firefox option

  • steven erskine

    aw whiiit no option for firefox,looks like al not be using the new browser much then.

  • vietvt

    This video below guide you some tips with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

  • Mich

    Nope doesn’t work at all. :-( 1st it assumes it the pc only has explorer, I have chrome and cyberfox and they don’t show up. 2nd: one may not have any other browser but may still have an html or something from which to import it from and either Edge does not support this, or you forget to mention it.

  • Jim Carter

    No changes in build 10166 related to a direct import of Firefox bookmarks. I’d hope that Microsoft could add such a minor feature that would be an enormous time saver to so many users who are anxious to experience Edge.

  • Tu Nguyen

    [@Jim Carter] Yeah I just tried installing Firefox and got the same thing too. I tried the bookmarks importer in IE but it didn’t show Firefox option neither. So I think you just try export to HTML from Firefox then import the HTML file to IE then import to Edge via IE. But if you got a bunch of customers, it wouldn’t be ideal thing.

  • Jim Carter

    I’m composing this using the Edge browser. I have Firefox 38.0.6 installed also. The only import option in Edge is for Internet Explorer. That’s rather ironic since IE is pretty much hidden from view in Windows 10. This bookmark import situation is going to be a problem for my customers since 100% of them use Firefox. I’m not going to jump through endless hoops to get Firefox bookmarks into Edge.

  • Tu Nguyen

    [@Jim Carter] The option only show up when you have any particular browser installed.

  • Jim Carter

    There’s no Firefox option?