How to backup OnePlus One EFS folder in one-click [Guide]

OnePlus OneThanks to a new One-Click tool, OnePlus One device owners can now backup the EFS folder before unchaining the system internals with root access. Commonly known to help Samsung devices, the EFS folder is also available in the OnePlus handset. The only difference is you cannot back them up in the same manner because there are subtle differences between branding which require unique tools. If you would like to learn how to backup the OnePlus One EFS folder in just one-click, please follow the guide below:


  • Install the ADB Drivers on your computer.
  • Make sure you’ve enabled USB Debugging from the smartphone: Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.
  • Download the new One-Click EFS tool.


  1. Download the above EFS file to the desktop.
  2. Right-click the mouse over the package and choose to extract the contents to the desktop.
  3. You should find the EFS-Backup-Restore file inside.
  4. Connect the OnePlus to the same computer where you downloaded the file above.
  5. Run the BACKUP EFS.bat file you have inside the extracted backup folder you extracted on the desktop.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the job.
  7. Once complete, take a look inside the same folder where you found the bat file and you should have your backups there now. Keep these copies of your data safe because that’s your EFS data.

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