How to enter Recovery Mode on LG G4 [Guide]

LG G4Recovery Mode for the LG G4 is an important mode for people to enter to recover their devices. Whether you are an everyday Android user and wish to apply a hard reset, or if you are attempting to take a NANdroid backup, they both are done inside the recovery mode. However, there is one large difference. You see, everyday Android users want to access the stock recovery mode and those with root access want to access the custom recovery mode. These are two separate modes. I’ll show you how to access both modes easily after the drop.


Using hardware keys for stock Android:

  1. Start by making sure the G4 is completely powered off by holding power for 10 seconds.
  2. Hold the Power and Volume Down keys at the same time.
  3. Wait until you see the LG logo displayed.
  4. Quickly release both button for a second, before holding Power and Volume Down again.
  5. Now you’ll be in the stock recovery mode.

Using the Quick Boot app for rooted G4’s 

  1. Download the Google Play app if you don’t already have it.
  2. Log in to Google Play using your information.
  3. Search for the Quick Boot application.
  4. Wait for it to finish installing in your app drawer before opening it.
  5. Choose to enter the custom recovery mode from inside the app.

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