How to hide unwanted results from Google Search in Firefox [Tip]

There are instances wherein a site or blog fails to meet Google’s search qualifications so they eventually get omitted from the search results. Speaking of which, what if you want to manually omit or hide results from specific sites or domains from Google Search? Technically, they won’t be removed from the Google Search index. They simply won’t be shown every time you do a web search. Well, if you’re using Firefox as your web browser, then it can be done through the steps listed below.

How to hide unwanted results from Google Search in Firefox

  • On your Firefox web browser, download and install the “Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search” add-on. Just click the “Add to Firefox” button on its page and then click “Install” when prompted.
  • After installing Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search, go to your browser’s add-ons manager. You may type about:addons on your Firefox address bar and then press “Enter” or simply go to Menu > Add-ons > Extensions.

hide unwanted results Google Search Firefox Android

  • On your Firefox add-ons manager, click the “Options” button for Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search and then once you see its detailed options page, click “Settings” for “Manage unwanted result sites”.
  • On the window that appears, enter the URL or parent domain of the site that you wish to hide from Google Search results.

hide unwanted results Google Search Firefox Android b

  • Click “OK” to save your changes.

hide unwanted results Google Search Firefox Android c

  • So that’s it. Perform a test search via Google Search and you’ll see that the sites that you’ve indicated were automatically hidden from the search results. There will also be a section in the search tools where you can check the total number of hidden search results.

You’re done!

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  • Seiya Meteorite

    Mine is having problems. I did ones for and their Sailor Moon reviews, but they still show up in the results when I type “sailor moon review”. Is there any way to fix it?

  • Kent

    [@Nada] Unfortunately, your link points to a discontinued product. There’s the Personal Blocklist for Chrome but this one is for Firefox. :)

  • Nada

    Why not simply manage unwanted search results in Google Account preferences?
    Works both for images and web, the add-on above only for web.

  • docky

    I would rather block Cnet and in stead of Dottech! :D

    Great, I need this especially for sites like Shutterstock.