How to install TWRP on Sprint Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-925P) [Guide]

Sprint S6 EdgeTeam Win’s TWRP recovery is probably the best custom recovery available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. If you own the Edge variant of the S6 smartphone and have checked you are running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop from the About Device menu, you can easily flash the latest TWRP available with Odin. Once you have the custom recovery installed, you can do far more advanced tasks with your rooted Android smartphone like flash a custom ROM for instance.


  • You must be a subscriber to the Sprint phone carrier network.


  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers. Most problems people encounter with using Odin are directly related to the USB Drivers. Therefore, if you are not finding success using the guide, try installing the drivers and rebooting your PC before trying the same guide again.
  • You are voiding the warranty by flashing a custom recovery just like you are with root access.
  • Enable the OEM unlocking feature from the Developer Options menu.
  • Unlock and enable USB Debugging Mode from the same Developer Options menu.


  1. Download the new TWRP recovery that’s available from here.
  2. Download the Odin tool here on your PC.
  3. Unzip both packages and run the Odin tool so it’s waiting.
  4. Completely shutdown your S6 Edge and boot it up in Download Mode.
  5. Connect it to the computer and wait until Odin’s ID: COM port changes.
  6. Click the AP button and browse the desktop for the TWRP recovery file.
  7. Click the Start button in Odin and wait until the flashing is done.

Warning: Don’t let the smartphone reboot into the system after the Odin flash. Instead, boot the device directly into recovery mode after the Odin tool finishes flashing.

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