Find free and discounted apps for your iPhone/iPod/iPad with BargainBin

Do you want to save money on iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad apps? Do you need an easy way to monitor app prices and find free (or cheap) apps? BargainBin has you covered. This free piece allows you to view free and bargain apps without have to get into the Apple app store knee deep.

Think of BargainBin as a market-like app that facilitates window shopping. BargainBin allows users to search for specific apps, or pick a category to browse – such as games, entertainment, and social networking – or users can browse all categories. If that isn’t your thing, BargainBin has a “popular tab” that lists the latest trends; an easy way to find good deals on the go. Regardless of methodology, BargainBin displays the bargain apps allowing you to take advantage of free apps and apps that are being offered at discounts.

Even though BargainBin offers a help screen the program is very intuitive: Navigation is simple, there are no complex menus, and everything is easy enough to find without wasting a lot of your previous time. Users can search for specific apps. BargainBin has the ability to segregate apps into Bargain and Free tabs; each tab lists the relevant apps  for the category you are currently browsing, allowing users to easily navigate and find the specific type of app they are looking for. When you find a app you are interested it, tapping it drops down a small menu which allows you to view the description and screenshots without ever leaving BargainBin; you also have quick access to the Apple Store if you want to grab the app and can add the app to your Watch List.

What exactly is the Watch List? It is only one of the most interesting and useful features of BargainBin. You know how many online retailers have “wish lists” customers can create? The Watch List feature in BargainBin is similar, but different. Basically what Watch List does is it allows users to watch the prices on apps:

Users are allowed to set a specific price threshold on an app…

…and when the app reaches that threshold – or goes below  it – BargainBin prompts the user via a popup letting them know the app is at or below the price they designated. For example, Super Monkey Ball 2 is currently $1.99, but you only want to spend $0.99 on. You can set the Watch Price of Super Monkey Ball 2 to $0.99, and when Super Monkey Ball 2‘s price drops down to $0.99 or below, BargainApp will notify you via a notification popup.

The Watch List is easily editable at any time and you are allowed to modify the Watch Price for apps as you please (change the price, cancel the watch, etc.).

Overall, I give BarginBin a 5/5 rating. The app is basic enough to not be too hard to use but complicated enough to add-value. It offers beautiful eye candy and doesn’t cost you anything; rather, it saves you money. This is a must-have for any person that owns an iDevice. BarginBin can be found from the following links:

Version reviewed: v3.0.5

Supported devices: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

Price: Free

BarginBin app store link [developer website]

All images used in this article are borrowed from the BargainBin app store page and are courtesy of the app developer.

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