[CC] Sort your files/folders automatically into the correct folder with DropIt

Earlier this week Locutus posted about Belvedere, a program that automatically sorts files and folders for users. DropIt is a similar tool, except it works a bit differently:

DropIt is a tiny, flexible, hard-working tool to automate sorting and filing data-files and folders.

DropIt is a file manager that operates with a simple drag and drop: Simply “drop” your files (or folders) on the little blue DropIt icon and DropIt automatically puts the files/folders into the correct folder.

You create rules in DropIt to tell it where to put different types of files and folders. So, for example, you can tell DropIt that files with extensions .JPG and .TIF are photos that must be stored in the Pictures folder and that .DOC files must be transferred to the My Documents folder. By separating the extensions with a semicolon, it is even possible to simultaneously define a single rule for multiple file types.

There are many things DropIt can do to your files and folders, based on the rules that you define:

You can Move, Copy, Compress, Extract, Open With, Delete and Exclude dropped items. You can even save sets of parameters in Profiles for different purposes, projects, drives or computers.

Rules are based on file/folder names or file types.

DropIt is a particularly useful little program, that I am sure many people will want on their desktop. Best of all, it is open source.

DropIt homepage

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