How to root Letv Le One Pro X800 on Android 5.0 Lollipop [Guide]

Letv Le One Pro X800The Letv Le One might not be one of the most popular smartphone out west, but it’s selling substantial units over in China. Fittingly, a Chinese team of third-party developers are the one’s responsible for creating a working rooting method for the Pro X800, and it’s done using Kingroot. Here’s all you need to know:


  • Turn on the Letv Le One Pro and head to the About Device to check you have the X800 variant. The guide isn’t intended to work with any other model number.


  • You don’t need to download any USB Drivers, unlock the Developer Options or enable USB Debugging Mode since you can use this rooting method directly from the app drawer on your Android smartphone.
  • The Kingroot tool does void the warranty even though it’s regarded as more of a ‘soft root’ and not a full or ‘hard’ one.


The KingRoot tool is not currently rooting the Letv le One smartphones. We will update the guide when we find out about a working method.

1. Download the Kingroot tool directly to the smartphone here.

2. Open the app as you would any other after it finishes downloading.

3. Depending on your app version, you’ll get “Try Root” or “Start Root”. Click the option you see on the display after opening the app.

4. You’ll see the progress bar circling around the display as it tries rooting your device. Wait until it finishes.

5. Once the app has done it’s job, you must manually reboot your smartphone.

Now you are free to install those cool root-only apps from Google Play. You’ll still need to install a custom recovery if you wish to flash a custom ROM.

If you are having second thoughts about rooting the One Pro and wish you hadn’t, you can easily undo the changes by learning how to unroot the Letv Le One Pro X800 smartphone.

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