Complete list of new Windows 10 keyboard Shortcuts [Tip]

Windows-10Windows 10 has now been out for roughly a month and today surpassed 75 million installations on PCs. That number is sure to grow over the next few months and will look extremely small by 2016. We’ve seen heaps of new features come along with the ride in Windows 10, many of which we’ve already covered here on the site. One post we haven’t created, however, is the complete list of new Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s a list of the latest Windows 10 shortcuts. These are all new and none are available prior to Windows 10.


Windows Key+K — Open the ‘Connect’ quick action
Windows Key+I — Open the Settings
Windows Key+E — Open the File Explorer
Windows Key+H — Open the Share charm
Windows Key+T — Cycle through apps on the task bar
Ctrl+Shift+Esc — Open the Task Manager

Virtual Desktops

Windows Key+Ctrl+D — Adds a virtual desktop
Windows Key+Ctrl+Right arrow — Switches between virtual desktops you’ve created on the right
Windows Key+Ctrl+Left arrow — Switches between virtual desktops you’ve created on the left
Windows Key+Ctrl+F4 — Closes the virtual desktop
Windows Key+Tab — Open the ‘Task’ view

Activity Center

Windows Key+A — Open the Action center
Windows Key+V — Cycle through the notifications
Windows Key+Shift+V — Cycle through the notifications in reverse order
Windows Key+B — Set the focus in the notification area

Game bar

Windows Key+G — Opens the Game bar when a game is open
Windows Key+Alt+G — Record the last 30 seconds of time.
Windows Key+Alt+R — Start and stop recording (press once to begin and press it again to stop)
Windows Key+Alt+Print Screen — Take a screenshot (games only)
Windows Key+Alt+T — Show recording timer (press it again to hide)


Windows Key?+S — Open the search box
Windows Key?+C — Open Cortana in the ‘listening’ mode

Microsoft Edge

Ctrl+D– Add current site to favorites or reading list
Ctrl+J — Open downloads pane
Ctrl+I — Open favorites pane
Ctrl+H — Open history pane
Alt+C — Open Cortana voice assistant
Ctrl+Shift+R — Enter the reading view
F12 — Open F12 Developer Tools
F7 — Turn caret browsing on for the current tab
Ctrl+K — Create a Duplicate tab
Ctrl+Shift+P — Open a new ‘InPrivate’ Browsing window

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