How to set new Google Logo as Android boot animation [Tip]

Google unveiled a new logo today. To check out the latest logo you can point any browser to the iconic search engine’s landing page and you should see it. The new logo is part of a new branding process after they now come under the new Alphabet parent company. The logo is keeping it simple: a new font and nothing but the letters with the same colors. Still, it’s a clear change that differs from the old log.

Many people owning Android devices have a pretty tight following to the Mountain View company. If you own a smartphone running the Android operating system, you can now have the latest logo design as your boot animation by following the guide below.


  • The extension we are using during the guide is /system/media, however that name might vary from device to device. You might need to research the boot animation file directory for your device.
  • You must make sure that its permissions are set to 0644. Further, your device needs root access to be able to copy files to root directories like we are doing today.


1. Open the Google Play Store and download the ES File Explorer.

2. Open the apps and navigate to the /system/media directory.

3. Locate and copy the ‘’ file.

4. Paste the file to a different folder.

5. Download the Google Evolved flashable boot animation zip file from this page.

6. Copy and paste the file to the /system/media location once again.

Google logo

Reboot the Android device and you will see the new Google logo boot animation. Congrats!

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