How to root Lenovo K3 Note on Android 5.0 Lollipop [Guide]

Lenovo K3 NoteThe Lenovo K3 Note just got notably more inviting now that it has a working rooting method. Before thinking about tinkering with the operating system on the Lenovo K3 Note by rooting it, you will have need to follow one of our guides on installing a custom recovery on the Lenovo K3 Note. The Lenovo K3 Note has two main custom recoveries available: TWRP and CWM. Once you have either the ClockworkMod recovery or the TWRP recovery fully installed, it’s time to learn how to root the Lenovo K3 Note. Here’s everything you need to do to root the Lenovo K3 Note:


  • The following guide is made for the Lenovo K3 Note only. Do not try flashing the files on a different guide or you’ll likely brick the device.


  • Download the universal USB Drivers from our USB driver download page. The USB drivers will help you root the Lenovo K3 Note. Install the USB drivers of your PC so you can get the Lenovo K3 Note talking to the PC.
  • Understand that you do void the warranty — or what’s left or the warranty — by following the guide below. You’ll need to work out how to get that warranty working again. For most Android devices, it’s as simple as unrooting it again.
  • You should have a custom recovery already installed on the Lenovo K3 Note. You can learn how to install ClockworkMod recovery on the Lenovo K3 Note or team Win’s TWRP recovery on the Lenovo K3 Note  by using one of the corresponding guides attached to the links I just dropped.


  1. Once you have the custom recovery installed, you can then access it to flash the SuperSU file. Doing so is the most common way to gain rooting advantages on your Android device.
  2. Start by downloading the SuperSU package to the desktop of the Windows PC: the SuperSU file.
  3. Find the USB cable you usually use for charging the Lenovo K3 Note mobile.
  4. Connect the USB cable to the Lenovo K3 Note and the computer where you have the SuperSU file.
  5. Transfer that SuperSU file by copying and pasting it to the internal storage SD card on your Lenovo k3 Note mobile.
  6. Now you have the rooting packages you need, it’s time to install it via the custom recovery you have already prepared earlier.
  7. Since you install Android ADB and Fasboot to install your custom recovery, you can use the command prompt utility to enter the recovery mode.
  8. Enter this command from the command line you are in whilst installing the custom recovery: “fastboot boot recovery.img”. Make sure you change the recovery.img file name to the real file name.
  9. Those of you who didn’t come from from the custom recovery guide and don’t have ADB or Fastboot working on the computer can enter the recovery mode by pressing Volume Down + Power for a few seconds until you see the device change into the recovery mode.
  10. Now you are ready to root the Lenovo K3 Note. tap the ‘Install’ option from the main recovery menu once you are in the recovery mode, and browse the SD card for the SuperSU file you transferred earlier.
  11. Once you have the SuperSU installed, navigate back to the main recovery menu and choose to reboot the system.

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