How to install CWM recovery on HTC Desire C [Guide]

HTC-Desire-CWhile it’s true installing a custom recovery on some device from certain manufacturers is easier than others, all the main OEMs have devices that can have a custom recovery installed. That’s what really counts. HTC devices are sometimes harder for installing a custom recovery, but you can install install CWM recovery on HTC Desire C nonetheless.


  • The following guide is made specifically for the HTC Desire C smartphone; not any other variant of a smartphone under the HTC brand. Furthermore, you shouldn’t flash this version of the CWM recovery on HTC Desire C unless you want to brick the smartphone.


  • Since you are connecting to a Windows-based PC for the duration of the guide, you should install the HTC USB Drivers. You can find the USB drivers from this page. You might prefer installing the universal USB driver which is available from the same page. Koush, the founder of ClockworkMod recovery among other tools, is the guy who made that universal driver.
  • You are voiding the warranty by installing a custom recovery on the HTC device. Moreover, flashing a custom recovery removes the stock recovery. You’ll need to remove the custom recovery to get the stock recovery back on the device. Once you revert back to the stock recovery, the warranty should be working, so long as you still have time left on the original agreement.
  • You need to have the USB Debugging enabled to connect to the computer. Without it, the mobile device struggle to communicate with the computer. We apply that setting from the mobile device itself. Navigate to the Settings > About Device and tap over the build number seven times. It will either tell you that you have unlocked the Developer Options menu or that it is already unlocked and no longer needs unlocking. Both are good things.
  • Now all you need to do is go back to the Settings menu and click the Developer Options menu. Inside you’ll see a box for the USB Debugging Mode. Check that box so it’s no longer empty.


  1. Download the CWM recovery file from this XDA Developers thread.
  2. Download Fastboot from here.
  3. Unzip both packages to the desktop. You must extract/unzip the files before you can use them.
  4. Connect the HTC Desire C into the computer where you have the files waiting. Do that with the USB cable that comes with the device.
  5. Hold the Shift key and right-click the mouse from inside the Fastboot folder. You should get a new menu on the computer display.
  6. Choose to open the command prompt window here from that now menu.
  7. Now you are ready to type some commands. Type ‘adb reboot bootloader’.
  8. Press the Enter key and the HTC Desire C should reboot in botloader mode.
  9. Type the next command: ‘fastboot flash recovery recovery.img’.
  10. Issuing the above command will now flash the custom recovery on the Desire C smartphone.
  11. All you need to do now is reboot the HTC device.

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