How to enter recovery mode on Blue Life Pure [Guide]

blu-life-pure-1Entering the recovery mode on the Blu Life Pure handset is the best way to go about recovering your device from any soft-brick situation. Every Blue smartphone running Android comes with a stock recovery. We call this the “stock” version because it comes automatically with your device and is made by the official Android developers. Another reason we call it the stock recovery is because it isn’t the only recovery available and we refer to the other recoveries as custom recoveries. The reason we do that is since the custom version of the recovery is made by third-party developer and not Google or Android.

So what’s the difference? The custom variant is special since it lets users flash zip files. Typically you won’t see this feature from the stock recovery on purpose because the Android Devs don’t want you tinkering with the OS. While that makes tinkering with your OS sound naughty, we know they do this is so that most people without the potential to tinker with the OS don’t tinker with it, or else OEMs and manufacturers will end up with far too many devices coming back for repairs. It’s for that reason that we know tinkering with an Android OS isn’t really naughty at all and they don’t mind we do it as long as we don’t come to them complaining about our additional problems with opening the system internals of our operating system might have caused.


Make sure you backup the device before starting the guide. Those of you with root access on the Blu Life Pure might want to backup using the Titanium Backup application available from the Google Play Store. Moreover, those of you without root access should check out the helium app from Google Play. Helium is not quite on the same level as Titanium, but you cannot install Titanium without root access on your device.


For locked operating systems (no root):

  • Start by turning off the device.
  • Reboot it by holding the Power + Menu + Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  • Select the recovery mode option from the menu.
  • Choose to perform any of the available options from your recovery mode.

For rooted users only:

  • Turn on your device and open the Google Play Store application.
  • Browse for the Quick Boot app.
  • Open the Quick Boot app from your devices app drawer after it finishes downloading.
  • Tap the recovery option from the menu to get into the recovery mode.

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