How to enter recovery mode on Blu Studio 5.0 C HD [Guide]

blu_studio_50_c_hdOne of the best parts about Blu smartphones is you can customize them in every aspect. You might want to root the device using one of the reliable one-click rooting methods, or you might want to install a custom recovery. Not all Blu devices let you install custom recoveries, but if you find one that does, you can install a custom ROM. All these hacking scenarios make owning a Blu smartphone so much fun.

When we think about hacking ore customizing a smartphone, the thoughts of wrecking or breaking the smartphone are never far behind. In true Android style, the Android developers have created a way that users can get out of trouble and we do this with recovery mode. When you enter recovery mode on Blu Studio 5.0 C HD devices, you enter a separate bootable partition capable of recovering your device. There are multiple ways we can get this to happen, from updating, to wiping cache and applying a hard reset.


  • We recommend owners of the Blu Studio smartphones backup the device data before continuing. As you can see, we have split the guide up for entering recovery mode into two sections: one for locked Android operating systems and the other for those of you with root access to the operating system. The same goes for when you are backing up since locked and rooted users have different apps and methods available. The best app for those of you with locked OS’s is the Helium app, while the rooted users can use the Titanium app. Those running with a custom recovery might prefer taking the NANDroid backup option.


Locked users:

  • Turn off the Blu device by holding in the Power button.
  • Reboot it by holding the Power + Volume Up + Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  • Wait until you see a menu before removing your fingers from the three buttons.
  • Press the Volume Up button to enter the recovery mode.

For rooted users:

  • Head to the Google Play Store on your device by opening the app with the same name.
  • Search and install the Quick Boot app.
  • Wait until it finishes download and open the Quick Boot app from your devices application drawer.
  • Tap over the recovery mode option from the Quick Boot tool menu.

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