How to root Huawei Honor Holly U19 on Android 4.4.4/4.4.3/4.4.2 [Guide]

Honor-HollyRooting the Huawei Honor Holly U19 means more apps. Having more apps on your device means more fun. Naturally you are going to want to root Huawei Honor Holly U19 smartphones, so let’s see how it’s done.


  • The followings steps to root Huawei Honor Holly on Android KitKat are for the U19 variant of the smartphone and no other. Do not try these steps on a different version of the Honor Holly because it won’t work and you can brick your device.


  • Make sure you have a full battery when following the guide using the iRoot tool. Batteries don’t usually matter a great deal when we are connecting to the computer since most modern-day devices come with the USB charging feature that starts charging the battery. However, there are reasons to charge the battery before using some tools and the iRoot tool is one of them.
  • Furthermore, make sure you backup the Honor Holly data that is on the device. You can do that by keeping your UPS backup on the computer, by installing apps, or by using whatever backing up features come with your device. Rooting using the iRoot tool does not automatically delete data usually; however, you should backup. Many people use the iRoot tool and regret not backing up beforehand.


  1. Download the software and drivers bundle you need to get root from this link.
  2. Installing the ADB Installer 1.4.2 on your computer from the above package.
  3. Install the Handset_WinDriver_1.00.00.31 you get from the same package.
  4. For the last bit of preparation, install the DriverAutoInstaller_v1.1236.00.
  5. You must install the above files in the same order as we have shown you for this guide to work. It’s an important step according to the developer.
  6. Now to root the device, click the iRoot file.
  7. Connect the Huawei Honor Holly smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  8. Swipe down the notification shade and tap your finger on the USB icon.
  9. Enable the USB Debugging Mode and make sure you choose storage as the connect method and not CD Drive, camera or MTP as the connection method.
  10. Open the iRoot application on your computer and it should automatically detect your Honor Holly smartphone.
  11. Make sure your computer is hooked up to a working internet connection so the iRoot tool can download all the necessary drivers.
  12. Wait as the iRoot program installs three new apps on your device and eventually shows you a large green Root button you can press.
  13. Click that green Rooting button and the iRoot tool will proceed to root your device.
  14. Wait for the ‘Root Complete’ message to arrive on your computer screen and the Huawei Honor Holly device to reboot — that should happen automatically.

Technically your device is now rooted and you are free to install your apps that require root from the Google Play Store. However, we strongly recommend you install SuperSU from the Google Play Store first to keep your device safe. It’s the SuperSU app that is going to block the malware and it doesn’t come automatically with the iRoot tool.

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