How to root Bluestacks 2 [Guide]

bluestacks-2The following tutorial teaches you how to root Bluestacks 2 emulator using a universal one-click rooting app, namely Kingroot. The Kingroot tool is known for being more of a ‘soft root’ and is intended for those who just want to have root access and install new apps that need that same access to the root file system to work.

The universal one-click rooting tool we know as Kingroot makes it impossible to brick your device. That’s is one of the upsides of using this tool — you do not need to be an advanced Android users to try rooting your device.

One of the things I’ve learnt about the KingRoot team is that they are outstanding at what it is that they do and they are always opening the tool to root more devices. They started out by calling themselves the rooting tool that can root all Android devices, followed by almost all Android devices and that was later changed to most devices coming from the 7 or 8 largest OEMs and manufacturers only. Since then the KingRoot team has expanded a great deal and they are almost living up to the original slogan. People who own the Bluestacks 2 messaged the KingRoot team and asked if they could make a compatible tool. The latest KingRoot release roots the Bluestacks 2, but you do need to have the latest APK version.


  • The following guide is made for the Bluestacks 2 emulator. The Kingroot tool works for many devices and it still getting updates to work for your devices as time goes by. However, you should look for the guide that is made for your device, just to make sure your device is compatible.


  • Always backup a device before rooting it with a one-click rooting tool. It doesn’t matter how you are rooting your device. The fact that you are opening the system internals and the root file system means things could go wrong and you might accidentally delete data. Creating a backup will mean you can easily restore that data if you need it down the track. Examples of data you might want to restore later include the phone contacts, pictures and text messages.


  1. Download the latest version of the Kingroot universal one-click rooting tool from this link.
  2. You want to download it directly to your computer where you have Bluestacks 2 running.
  3. Right-click over the KingRoot APK file and choose “Open with”, followed by ” Bluestacks APK handler”.
  4. Wait for the message that says “KingRoot is now installed. Open it and start rooting”.
  5. Tap the large Root button from the apps main page.
  6. You should now see the KingRoot app user-interface showing you when your Bluestacks is rooted.

Once the Bluestacks 2 device is rebooted, you can open the Google Play Store and start installing your new apps that need that root access to work. There is no need to install the SuperSU application even though you will not see it from the app drawer of your device. The KingRoot one-click rooting tool gives you three new apps on the device, one of which is the KingUser app. The KingUser app is Kingroot’s version of the SuperSU and will work to get your device safe and free or any malware.

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