How to add iCal feed to Windows 10 Calendar app [Tip]

In a previous article, I showed you how to add Google Calendar to Windows 10’s Calendar app. It hasn’t been easy to do so since Windows 8. Thanks to the new Calendar app, you now can enjoy working with your Google Calendar on Windows 10.

Besides the calendars that lie in a specific account (Outlook, Google, etc.), an iCal feed is another type of calendar that you usually work with. It is a URL provided by an outside calendar that you can add to your preferred calendar app so you can manage them all in one place. For example, my Learning Management System at my college has a calendar feature that shows when my assignments and tests are going to happen. Thanks to the iCal feed it gives me, I can add this specific calendar into my Outlook account so I can see and edit everything in just one place – the Calendar app of Windows 10. And of course the feed is always in sync with the source.

However, you can’t directly add an iCal feed into your account via the Calendar app. It must be added into your account by using the web interface then the app will see it and let you select to show it or not. I’ll show you how to do this in Outlook account and Google account.

How to add iCal feed to Outlook account

  • Go to and log into your account
  • Click “Import” on the top bar then click “Subscribe” on the left
  • Paste your iCal feed into “Calendar URL”
  • Click “Subscribe” to add the feed
  • And you’re done!

How to add iCal feed to Google account

  • Go to and log into your account
  • On the left, click the drop-down arrow next to “Other calendars” and select “Add by URL”
  • Just paste in your iCal feed URL and hit “Add Calendar”
  • When it finished, you will have a calendar named with that weird URL. You don’t want that. To change its name, hover your mouse over the calendar on the left and click the arrow then select “Calendar settings.” In the new page, you can change its name
  • According to Google, it may take up to 12 hours before it completes syncing the calendar feed

How to show iCal feed in Windows 10’s Calendar app

Once you have an iCal feed added to your account, it becomes just as any regular calendars in the account. That means the Calendar app in Windows 10 will sync it down normally. You can show or hide it by place a check before its name on the left pane in the app.ical_4
If you right click or click the down arrow, it will allow you to change the calendar color.

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  • Hendrik Sussmann

    Same problem here. I have added a webcalendar to my google-account. At everything works fine, but the webcalendar does not get synced to my windows app.
    Any ideas?

  • toyin

    I added an ical calender to my google account. That calendar will not show up on my windows app however.

  • L. Raats

    I got it to work. As i said, it did not sync when i added facebook events to WINDOWS LIVE CALENDAR. But apperantly there are different online calendars from microsoft, which apperantly don’t sync although you log in with the same account. In the end i went to OUTLOOK.COM and went to the calendar. Again, i added the facebook events there, but this time it did sync with my calendar app. There you go.

  • L. Raats

    I have tried what you have written in this post. I went online to the microsoft outlook online calendar and i was able to integrate my facebook events here. However, when i go to my calendar app, none shows up here, and no check box either to activate it. My assumption was that since i am logged in with the same account on the online calendar as on windows 10, it would synchronize automatically. Maybe this is false, so i tried adding my microsoft account to the calendar. I did this through adding an account. However succesfol in adding the account, it changes nothing, the facebook events that are shown on the online calendar don’t show up in the app. What else can i try or have gone wrong? Is it maybe because my microsoft account consist of a gmail mail adress? Although i enter it as an outlook account, it still shows up as “GMAIL”, than again not really syncing with my google calendar. But for the rest my app works fine, i have been able to intigrate my school and google calendar into it.