How to unroot HTC Desire 816 and re-lock bootloader [Guide]

htc-desire-816Did you root your HTC Desire 816 smartphone but would now like to return back to the stock ROM and re-lock the bootloader so your device is the same way it was when you first got it out of the box? You can now do that easily by installing Fastboot and the RUU Stock firmware file on your computer.

Here’s everything you need to unroot HTC Desire 816 smartphones using the RUU stock firmware package, Fastboot and your command line.


  • You must have rooted the HTC Desire 816 smartphone before this guide to unroot the HTC Desire 816 smartphone is of any use to you.


  • Understand that this flashes the stock HTC Desire 816 ROM back on your smartphone. Flashing the stock ROM is the most common way to unroot, return back to a stock recovery and re-lock a bootloader so it’s ready to be sent away under warranty again.
  • The following guide only works if you have a Windows PC. You cannot get the stock ROM to flash unless you are running a Windows-based operating system.
  • Download the HTC USB Drivers from our USB driver downloads page and have them installed on your computer before you start with the guide. You can also install the universal ADB drivers instead of the USB drivers if you prefer.
  • You must have USB Debugging Mode turn on before starting the guide. You can tap the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode to get that done. You might need to enable it again after you complete the original steps to re-lock the bootloader and before you flash the stock ROM.


  1. Download the Fastboot file you need from this link.
  2. Download the stock RUU ROM you need to flash from here.
    – do not extract the ROM zip file.
  3. Extract Fastboot to your desktop and have the Fastboot folder open.
  4. Hold Shift and right-click inside the Fastboot folder where it’s an empty white area and choose to open the command prompt window from the menu.
  5. Type the following command in the command prompt: adb reboot fastboot
  6. Wait for the device to boot up in fastboot mode.
  7. Type your next command: fastboot oem lock
  8. You should now find the HTC Desire 816 has the bootloader locked back up. Now it’s time to flash your stock ROM.
  9. Unplug the Desire 816 from the computer and reconnect it; you might need to re-enable the USB Debugging Mode.
  10. From the command prompt, type this command: adb reboot fastboot
  11. Wait for the Desire 816 to reboot back in fastboot mode.
  12. Type the next command: fastboot flash zip
    – change the “filename” part of the code with the real file name of your ROM zip file.
  13. The command prompt will now flash that stock ROM back on your HTC Desire 816 device.

Reboot the smartphone and it should now be running just the same as it was out of the box. Note that you can no longer install your rooted apps from the Google Play Store and other sources online until you root the device again. Luckily for you, you can root and unroot as many times as you like!

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