How to root Blu Studio G on Android 4.4.2 [Guide]

Blu-Studio-G-tattsThese are the guidelines to root Blu Studio G smartphones using the Universal one-click rooting app, namely KingRoot.


  • A Blu Studio G. The same universal rooting tool does work for other devices, and better yet, it’s impossible to brick your device using this tool. With that being said, you should look for a unique guide that’s made for your device if you own a different Blu smartphone. Not many Blu handsets are compatible with this tool at the time of writing this guide.


  • You must have a Windows PC to follow this guide. We are using the desktop version of the KingRoot tool — we do not have confirmation that this guide works from the standard app. In fact, we are confident it probably doesn’t at this stage since the OP has specifically mentioned getting it done from the desktop version. We have linked you the correct version you need to install in the guide during step one.
  • As usual, you’ll need to unlock the Developer Options if the menu is currently hidden on your Blu operating system. Those of you who cannot see the Developer Options menu after scrolling all the way down the Settings menu will need to unlock it by doing as follows. Tap on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Tap on the build number from the About Device menu 7 times and it will tell you that you are now using the Blu Studio G smartphone as a developer.
  • Now you must enable the USB Debugging Mode from the Developer Options menu you just unlocked. Do that now by tapping the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > Turn on the soft switch in the upper corner of the screen > Check the box for the USB Debugging Mode.
  • Lastly, enable the Unknown Sources option by pointing to the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

You are ready to root the Blu Studio G smartphone using the universal KingRoot one-click rooting tool.


  1. Download the KingRoot Root installer tool from this link directly to the computer and shift it over to the desktop.
  2. Connect the Blu Studio g handset to the computer using the USB cable you would usually use for charging the battery.
  3. Wait for the USB Drivers to install automatically for the device. If you do not see that happening, you can download the universal ADB Driver and install it on the computer instead. Alternatively, you can source them from the XDA Wiki page.
  4. Right-click the KingRoot installer and select the “extract here’ option. Now you can use the KingRoot tool.
  5. Double-click on the KingRoot file and the installer will run on the desktop. Follow the set of on-screen commands to finish the job.
  6. Once you are done, unplug and reboot the Blu Studio G handset before you attempt to install your new apps, or do anything else like installing a custom recovery/flash a new ROM.

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