How to install Philz CWM Recovery on Blu Studio G [Guide]

blu-studio-gSo you wanted a custom recovery and the TWRP recovery wasn’t doing it for you. Why not try the Philz touch recovery version of ClockworkMod recovery instead? Those hoping for the pure CWM recovery where you use the traditional volume keys will need to wait a while longer — or a really long time. There are no guarantees the original ClockworkMod recovery ever comes out for the Blu Studio G smartphone.


  • You must have the Blu Studio G rooted before you can follow this guide and install a custom recovery using the Mobile Uncle Tools.


  • You can follow this guide on any operating system. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any kind of flash tool to work, so even Linux users can enjoy this one.
  • You are voiding the warranty when you install a custom recovery on any Blu device. The great news is that you can flash a stock recovery back on the device again and the warranty will work.


  1. Download the Philz CWM recovery file from this link and have it on your computer desktop.
  2. Extract the file by right-clicking over it and choosing the “extract here” option. You should see your recovery file inside.
  3. Right-click over the file and change the name to recovery.img.
  4. Connect your Blu Studio G smartphone to the computer with the USB cable it comes with out of the box.
  5. Transfer the custom recovery file over to the root of the SD card storage.
  6. Once you have the recovery on the root of the internal SD card, unplug your Blu Studio G smartphone from the computer.
  7. Download the MobileUncle Tools app from the Google Play Store.
  8. Open the MobileUncle Tools application and click on the “update recovery” option from the menu.
  9. Wait for the MobileUncle app to search and find your recovery image file that is on the internal storage SD card.

That’s all you need to install CWM recovery on Blu Studio G smartphones.

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