How to unroot LG G Watch and re-lock the bootloader [Guide]

lg-g-watchThese are the guidelines to unroot LG G Watch smartwatches and re-lock the bootloader so you can send it away under warranty again. Locking the bootloader and returning to the stock ROM will mean your LG G Watch is the same way it was when you opened it out of the box. While that sounds lovely, understand that you can no longer do any of the awesome things with your smartwatch that you were doing with root access, such as installing more apps to play with on the device.

Unrooting means you can no longer install any of the custom ROMs, custom kernels or rooted apps on the LG G Watch smartwatch. You are limited to the stock ROM and the apps that are compatible with the device after you open it out of the box.


  • You must have the LG G Watch rooted before it makes any sense to follow this guide to unroot the smartwatch.


  • You need to learn how to set up ADB and Fastboot using a Windows computer before you can start the guide for rooting the smartwatch. We have the perfect guide for you to follow for that.
  • The following guide works well for most G Watches. However, according to reports, it won’t necessarily unroot and relock the bootloader for all custom ROMs. The success will largely depend on what custom ROMs you are running.
  • You can only unroot the G Watch using the guide below from a Windows PC. The files we are using will not run on a different operating system like Linux. Moreover, those of you with a Mac must make the switch over to Windows too.


  1. Connect your G Watch to the computer using the USB cable you would normally use for charging the device.
  2. Visit this Gohma ROM page and download the unrooting script you can see directly beneath the downloads on the page. Save the file to the desktop of the computer.
  3. Unzip the new ROM file and leave it on the desktop. You can right-click over the file to extract the file.
  4. Look inside the extracted folder and double-click the windows_returntostock.bat file to run the same.
  5. That’s all you need to do it technically unroot the LG G Watch. Feel free to leave it there if you are in a hurry. Those wanting to re-lock the bootloader and get the warranty working again should continue.
  6. Open the android-sdk > platform-tools you have after settings up ADB on the computer.
  7. Hold down the Shift key from within the folder and right-click a white space within the folder.
    Choose to open a new command Window here from the menu.
  8. Type your first command in the command prompt window: adb reboot bootloader
  9. Wait for the G Watch smartwatch to reboot before entering this next command: fastboot oem lock
  10. Tap on the circle you can see on the smartwatch to reboot.

Your LG G Watch will reboot one last time and you won’t see any unlock symbol beneath the boot animation. That means your bootloader is no longer unlocked.

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