How to unroot Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 SM-G7200 [Guide]

samsung-galaxy-grand-3These are the instructions to unroot Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 smartphones with the model number SM-G7200. You can follow this guide regardless of your rooting method. As of today, the only rooting method we can find available is using the KingRoot universal one-click rooting application. Subsequently, we are teaching you how to unroot the Galaxy Grand 3 using the KingRoot method.

Furthermore, we are also teaching you how to unroot using a more traditional method by flashing the Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 stock ROM back on the device. By flashing the stock ROM you will be unrooting any future rooting methods by developers such as Chainfire with his CF-Root tool.


  • It’s important you only follow this guide if you have the Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 smartphone with the model number SM-G7200. You can find out your model number by tapping on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Model Number.
  • You must have a Windows PC to follow this guide. You cannot use the Odin flashing tool on a Linux or Mac computer.


  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers before you start the guide. You want those USB Drivers running on your Windows PC before you start the steps.
  • You are about to get your Galaxy Grand 3 warranty working again once you complete this guide. As you probably know, you void a warranty when you choose to customize your device using a rooting method, installing a custom recovery, unlocking a bootloader, installing a custom ROM or custom kernel. That can all be undone provided your device does not have Knox security. You can sometimes find workarounds for not tripping Knox, though it’s often not worth the effort unless you have a rooting method that directly doesn’t trip the Knox security.


  1. Download the Samsung Grand 3 stock ROM for SM-G7200 from this link.
  2. Download the Odin flash tool from this link.
  3. Extract the stock ROM and the Odin flash tool to the desktop of the computer.
  4. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 device and reboot it in download mode.
  5. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable you normally use to charge the battery.
  6. Click the PDA or the AP button you can see from the Odin user-interface and browse he desktop for the SM-G7200 stock ROM.
  7. Leave the default settings from the Odin user-interface the same way they were when you first opened up your fresh Odin copy.
  8. Click the Start button and the flashing till begin.
  9. Wait until the Odin user-interface shows you a pass message and the Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 reboots automatically.


Open the KingUser application and tap over the Settings icon form the top of the app. Now click on the Remove Root option from the menu. Follow the on-screen prompts to successfully remove KingRoot and KingUser from your device. Those of you using the newer versions of KingRoot can simply open the KingRoot app and tap on the Uninstall option from the menu.

Now you will find the SuperSU app is removed from your app drawer and you can no longer install any of your root-requiring apps from the Google Play Store. You can install a custom recovery and not have root access on your device, but some of the custom ROMs will not be available for you.

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