How to install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S3 SC-06D DoCoMo [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S3Recovery is a unique boot mode, separate from your normal Android operating system. The name says it all really; just boot your device in this mode if you want to recover your device. A custom recovery like CWM Recovery gives us the same ability to recovery our device, and some bonus features that are useful for those wanting to upload zip files and take backups easier. Many people are installing custom recoveries these days just to use the NANDroid backup button that lets you backup the device in just one push of a button.

These are the instructions to flash CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S3 SC-06D DoCoMo.


  • You can choose to install your custom recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S3 DoCoMo before rooting or after rooting the device. It doesn’t matter either way.
  • You must follow this guide using the Galaxy S3 with the model number SC-06D only. You can check your S3’s model number by tapping on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Model Number.


  • You should download the Samsung USB Drivers for your computer before starting the guide. You can get the Samsung USB Drivers from our USB Driver downloads page. You may also try installing the universal ADB Driver instead of the Samsung USB Driver. The universal ADB Driver is made by Koush — the same guy who made us ClockworkMod recovery.


  1. Download the CWM file for your S3 DoCoMo smartphone from the 23rd post on this page.
  2. Download the Odin 3.09 from this link.
  3. Extract the two files from above to the desktop of your computer. Once they are on your desktop, right-click the mouse on the files and choose the “extract here” option from the menu to do that.
  4. Double-click on the Odin executable file on the desktop and the flash tool will open. Leave it open and we’ll come back to the flash tool soon.
  5. Boot the Samsung Galaxy S3 in download mode.
  6. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S3 DoCoMo to the computer using the USB cable.
  7. You should see the ID: COM port light up with a color and the box give you the “added” message if your drivers are working. try rebooting the computer if you did install the drivers and you are not getting a connection.
  8. Click the AP or the PDA button from your Odin user-interface.
  9. Upload the executable recovery file.
  10. Click the Start button from the Odin user-interface and wait until it’s complete.
  11. Soon you will see a pass message and your Samsung Galaxy 3 will reboot. make sure you reboot it manually if it never ends up rebooting automatically.
  12. There; the stock recovery is now replaced in your S3 DoCoMo smartphone until you choose to flash the stock version back on the device.

It’s time to find out how to root the Samsung Galaxy S3 DoCoMo smartphone so you can complete your S3’s customizing experience. Rooting the Galaxy S3 is what you need if you want to install your apps like the Titanium Backup app. There are hundreds more apps worth checking out with your rooted device.

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