How to install TWRP Recovery on Sony Xperia C4 [Guide]

sony_xperia_c4Many people are making the switch over to the TeamWin Recovery Project because it comes with features that separate it from the competition. You will get a built-in file manager that can manager your files externally and internally, the option to reboot to Android > to recovery > to bootloader mode, easy options to clear the cache after flashing completes, the ability to name your NANDroid backups and more.

These are the instructions to install TWRP Recovery on Sony Xperia C4 smartphones using some adb commands and a Windows computer:


  • You must have the Sony Xperia C4 to follow this guide. Any other device will probably get bricked. There are other files available from the same XDA Developers thread that will flash a custom recovery for the different versions.
  • You must unlock the bootloader of the Sony Xperia C4 smartphone before you can use this guide.


  • You might need to turn on the USB Debugging Mode again after you come here from unlocking the bootloader. Enable the USB Debugging Mode from the Developer Options menu by tapping on the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode.
  • Unlock the Developer Options menu on your Sony Xperia C4 smartphone if you must by tapping on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Build Number 7 or so times. It will eventually let you know that you are using the C4 handset as a developer.


  1. Download the TWRP file for the C4 from here.
  2. Extract your TWRP file and copy it over to the same folder as your adb and fastboot.
  3. Keep the folder where you have the custom recovery and adb open and hold the Shift key whilst right-clicking the mouse on the white background within that same folder.
  4. Type the first command from your command prompt window: adb reboot bootloader
  5. The Sony Xperia C4 is now in bootloader mode; type the next command: fastboot flash fotakernel fotakernel.img
  6. The custom recovery is now flashed on your C4 smartphone; type the last command: fastboot reboot
  7. Press the hardware key combination to get the Sony Xperia C4 in recovery mode as soon as you apply the ‘fastboot reboot’ command so it boots directly to the custom recovery you just flashed. You might find the stock recovery has wiped the custom recovery if you do not first time boot to the recovery mode.

You can now boot the Sony Xperia C4 to recovery mode at any time and it will always boot to your new TWRP custom recovery. You can find loads to do from your new recovery, but you cannot install a custom ROM or custom kernel just yet. You will need to have root access and a custom recovery installed before those options become available for your device.

Anyone wanting to install a custom ROM, custom kernel, or just start installing the applications which require access to the root file system to run can now learn how to root the Sony Xperia C4 smartphone and get those things done.

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