How to root LG V10 F600L on Android 5.1 [Guide]

LG V10The LG V10 smartphone is one of the best smartphones coming from the Life’s Good company at the moment and it gets even better when you root the device using the guide below. Rooting a device like the LG V10 comes with many benefits, but the one we write about most is the additional applications you can install. Sometimes these apps can be for advanced users only due to their uncanny power to make important changes to your internal system. Those apps we do not advise everyone starts playing with right away. There are other apps you can start using though, and one of those apps is the Quick Boot app.

If you have ever started a how-to guide and needed to boot your device in recovery mode, bootloader mode, or any other mode, you would know how much of the hassle an app could take away if it could boot your device directly into these modes instead. That’s exactly what the Quick Boot application does for your LG V10 smartphone. Just open the Quick Boot application and you’ll see the buttons you need for recovery mode, download mode and others.


  • You must have the LG V10 smartphone to use this guide. The file in this guide is not to be flashed on any other guide or you will probably brick that device.
  • You must unlock the LG V10 bootloader before using this guide. Trying to root the device with the bootloader locked will brick the device.


  • Enable  Debugging Mode from your V10’s Settings menu by tapping on the menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode. Anyone who cannot get that done because they do not see the Developer Options will need to unlock that menu by tapping on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Build Number 7 times.
  • You are voiding the warranty when you root the LG V10 using the steps in this guide. You can always unroot the device in the future and the warranty will work again. Perform a Google search for how to unroot the LG V10 when you are ready to go back to using your stock ROM the way the Life’s Good company intended.


  1. Download the file system add root from here.
  2. Setup the LG Up.
  3. Reboot your LG V10 smartphone to bootloader mode.
    – start by long-pressing the Power button until it is off completely, and then boot it up again holding the Power and Volume Up buttons together for 7 seconds. Next, plug in the USB cable to the computer and your smartphone and then release the two buttons once you see the fastboot mode on the display.
  4. Lastly, flash your LG Up.

In conclusion, that’s how to root LG V10 smartphones with the F600L model number. Anyone who does not understand the guide can log in to an official account from the forum link given below and ask the original poster questions. While his guide is a little thin, he could still have all of your answers.

[Source: XDA thread]

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