How to track sleep with Microsoft Band 2 [Tip]

microsoft bandTracking your sleep with Microsoft Band 2 is a useful feature that is available in the latest version of Microsoft Band. Microsoft Band 2 is packed with lots of features related to health and fitness. It uses heart rate and motion to track the quality and amount of time you sleep.

How to Start Tracking Your Sleep with Microsoft Band 2

Using Microsoft Band 2, you can track your sleep, share sleep data, delete and view sleeping data. Tracking your sleep can be done in two ways, either by using the Sleep Tile or by Automatic Sleep Detection.

  • Sleep Tile: The first option available to track your sleep with Microsoft Band 2 is the moon icon, or Sleep Tile. To get started, press the Sleep Tile on your smart watch and left swipe to set the alarm. You can left swipe again to set a Smart alarm, a new feature that is available in Microsoft Band 2. Now press the action button to start the tracking and go to sleep. At the time of waking up, push the power button, go to the sleep screen, press the action button and then press yes to stop tracking your sleep with Microsoft Band 2.
  • Detecting Sleep Automatically: In case you forget to use the Sleep Tile, the automatic sleep detection feature can track your sleep with Microsoft Band 2. It works off motion detection. If there is no movement for two hours without using the Sleep Tile, the automatic sleep detection feature automatically records the event. And although it is useful, if you want to take a nap without activating the Sleep Tile and not be disturbed, you may be better served by taking the time because alerts will still come through and vibrate your watch.

Sleep Data Analyzed

After tracking a sleep period, the last recorded data of sleep with Microsoft Band 2, will be provided. This information contains details of time in bed, date, length of user’s sleep, number of times user woke up, sleep efficiency, and details about calories burned during sleeping hours. If you are using a Microsoft smart phone, two graphs displaying the amount of light sleep, restful sleep, and resting heart rate will be provided by the Microsoft Health app.

Microsoft Health Web Dashboard

After tracking your sleep with Microsoft Band 2 with the help of Microsoft Health web dashboard, the user can get advanced details about sleep tracking, analysis, and insights that can help achieve wellness goals. It also helps you to view sleep patterns over the past week or month. This information will help in determining when the best sleep is achieved. Microsoft Health web dashboard has the option to export the stats to an Excel spreadsheet or a comma-separated values (.csv) file.

Benefits of Tracking Your Sleep

Tracking your sleep is helpful in many ways. It helps to understand poor sleeping habits and take necessary steps to overcome habits that may be leading to less than optimal sleep. It is designed in a way to help the user lead a healthier life and achieve fitness and lifestyle goals. Tracking your sleep with Microsoft Band 2 can lead to insights of how to get the most from your time snoozing.

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