5 tips and tricks to customize Windows 10 [Tip]

Microsoft’s greatest and latest operating system, Windows 10 is considered to be filled with tricks and tweaks, which when known can help to enhance user experience. These tips and tricks can help to customize Windows to meet personal needs.

Few essential Windows 10 tips and tricks

Adding Xbox Account:

The truth is that not every person is fortunate enough to have an Xbox. However, for those who own one, Windows 10 presents the latest Xbox modern app, which helps users to have portal added to gaming connections and activities. Also, the user can have games streamed and played from Xbox One to the laptop or desktop PC that runs Windows 10 over Wi-Fi.

Windows 10

Master virtual desktops:

Windows has finally come up with the virtual multiple desktops, supported natively by Windows. All created virtual desktops would be shown within the taskbar in Task View button. It is possible to have plenty of hardware that can be handled to be summoned, including windows displaying the currently open software within the active desktop. Also, open windows can be opened from one specific desktop to the other by having a Task View opened and then dragging and dropping simply the program into the virtual desktop. New virtual desktop gets created by having a program dragged over the new desktop button for housing the open window.

Windows 10

Bringing back Metro:

It could be that the person is yearning for the Start screen noticed in Windows 8. In such a case, Windows 10 can be forced to make use of touch friendly interface that is complete with Windows Store apps full screen. This can be done simply by having the Action Center opened up within the taskbar’s lower right corner and to select Tablet Mode.


Being the boss of update timing:

In case, the person is eager to have some bandwidth saved, then he can download the Windows Updates on any single machine present in the house. Later it can be used for having the patch spread to the other PCS existing in the network. For doing so, the user is to go to Advanced Options Menu and check out Updates and Security, click on ‘Select how updates get delivered’. Updates are available by default through direct download to the web enabled PC or through other PCs present on the network. However, it can be changed for accepting Windows Updates if delivered through the local network.

Windows 10

Background scrolling:

This is possible in Windows 10. To achieve this, the user is to visit Settings > Devices > Mouse and Touch Pad. Upon moving the mouse cursor over the window, while trying to scroll, the operation is likely to be executed.

Windows 10

What one has to know that besides the above tips, there are many more fabulous features present in this latest Windows platform. The other essential features present in this latest edition are the Xbox Streaming and One-Drive integration. Doing some further research on the web is sure to help the interested person to get the most out of the latest Windows 10 platform.

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