How to enter Recovery Mode on Bluboo Xtouch [Guide]

Bluboo XtouchRecovery Mode is one of the most important parts of your Android device. In order to make sure you can always effectively recover your Bluboo smartphone, the recovery mode itself is kept on a separate partition that is isolated from your Android operating system. There’s no problem in the world that will prevent you from finding a way to boot up in this recovery mode, and as the name suggests, you can recover your device from common problems.

When talking about customizing an Android device, the recovery mode is important for a bunch of new reasons. It’s the recovery mode we must enter to sometimes get root access to begin with, like on the Bluboo Xtouch smartphone. Furthermore, it’s the recovery mode that lets us upload our custom ROMs if you want to install a new ROM on the device. Recovery mode is also the place where we take complete backups with the NANDroid backup button before we choose to install new ROMs. Moreover, those not interested in changing the OS with a new ROM might prefer just overclocking the device with a custom kernel.


  • Recovery mode is usually reached by using the hardware buttons on a device because it’s commonly viewed as the easiest method. With that being said, there are other ways you can find recovery mode on your device. One of those ways is to install adb on your computer and then issue adb commands such as “adb reboot recovery” from your command prompt.
  • Correspondingly, another way users can get access to the recovery mode is by heading to the Google Play Store and installing the Quick Boot application. The Quick Boot app offers a variety of buttons to quickly boot your device in certain modes, one of which is the recovery mode. The only catch with the Quick Boot application is that it requires root access to run; therefore, you need to root the Blubooo Xtouch before installing the Quick Boot app on your device.


  1. Long-press the Power button and wait until the Bluboo Xtouch smartphone is off completely.
  2. Press the Volume Up button and Power button together at the same time and keep them pressed in until you see the Bluboo logo on the display of your smartphone.
  3. Release the said keys when the logo is still on the display and your device should boot directly to the recovery mode.
  4. In conclusion, that’s all you need to enter recovery mode on Bluboo Xtouch smartphones. You should find the same key combination and method works for anyone with a stock recovery or custom recovery.

You might be interested in checking out how to install a custom recovery on the Bluboo Xtouch if you haven’t already. Alternatively, you can learn how to root the Bluboo Xtouch if you already have a custom recovery running.

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