How to set up dual monitors in Windows [Tip]

dualIf you like being able to multitask, then you need to set up dual monitors. Are you someone who does multiple things like e-mailing, writing code in Visual Studio, searching web pages for information and at the same time checking your Facebook? Then you need dual monitors to make multitasking easier.

What is a Dual Monitor?

Dual monitor or multi-monitor uses multiple physical display devices to increase the viewable area available for computer programs running on a single computer system. The second screen used for display may be a projector, computer monitor or TV. Most of the software companies around the world provide dual monitors to its employees as research has proven that it has many benefits.

Benefits of Setting Up Dual Monitors

  1. Productivity increases: By setting up dual monitors on the computer, it is found that productivity increases. Users can do multiple things at a time and thereby increase efficiency.
  2. Sharing data: By setting up dual monitors, users can have different screens open in different monitors. This means less moving of windows around. When they need to use different browsers or different documents to compare the results, dual monitors helps to do the work faster and in a more effective way.
  3. It makes life easy: Setting up of dual monitors is actually easy. Users need not be hardware experts to set it up.

Setting Up Dual Monitors with Your Windows Machine

After turning off the computer, connect both monitors to the computer and then turn on the system. Windows will show dual monitor setup and it will show multiple displays in a drop-down list. From the list, the user can select the option “Extend your displays.” Now the user has to install UltraMon. After it is installed, he can see it in the task bar. Right clicking on the icon will show the options available.

The user can manage the monitors from here without going into the Windows Control Panel. By right clicking on top of the window, the user can move the window to the monitor he wishes to choose. UltraMon provides the option for the user to set up shortcuts that open programs on a particular monitor. The user may then be able to access shortcuts from UltraMon’s menu or alternatively, have them saved as Windows shortcuts. This then enables the user to access them from the desktop menu. Using UltraMon, a user can set up display profiles and name them to his liking. The user can also extend the wallpaper to the second monitor easily through UltraMon. Setting up of screen savers for multiple monitors can also be done. If the user is going to show a presentation, then by setting up dual monitors, the user can use the option for the second monitor to mirror what is seen on the first screen. This is a handy feature.

With the help of UltraMon, the user can mention the precise physical positioning of monitors. This can be done by entering coordinates directly in the Custom Display Properties applet.

Final Verdict

Setting up of dual monitor is easy now with the help of UtraMon software. By following the above mentioned steps, any user can set up a dual monitor connection and enjoy the benefits of having two displays.

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