How to increase volume and sound quality in Android [Tip]

AndroidMobileIf you are passionate about listening to music on your mobile phone, but your phone doesn’t have the best of speakers, then by following these few tips and tricks you can increase the volume and sound quality on your Android smartphone.

Analyzing the Problem Related to Volume and Sound Quality

Before finding a solution to volume and sound quality issues on your android phone, it is essential to understand the real problem. Even though there are many smartphones claiming that they have the best sound quality, in reality it is very difficult to find a smartphone with good quality speakers. By analyzing the factors affecting the music in your android mobile phone you can significantly improve your music listening enjoyment.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Volume and Sound Quality in Android

  1. Changing the default music player in your Android smartphone: Most smartphones use custom made music players. In some phones, they use Google Play Music as the music player. These players will not be able to give the maximum volume and sound quality. It is recommended to change the music player and use players like Poweramp. It is freely available in Google Play Store. This music player gives you full control over equalizer and sound outputs and gives the user a better output level.
  2. Speaker quality check: Different smartphones have different speakers. Some manufacturers use grilled speakers whereas some prefer using microscopic speakers. The user should know the exact position of the speaker in his smartphone. Some mobiles have front speakers and some have speakers at the back. Depending upon the position of the speaker, the user needs to keep the phone in the right position when playing music to hear clearly. There are a few hacks available to increase the volume and sound quality of music played on your android mobile phone. For example, if you keep your speakers in a corner while playing music, reverberation will be less. Hence the quality of sound coming from mobile will be better. Cleaning your speakers regularly will help to remove dust that is accumulated and produce better sound quality. If you are someone who likes to use earphones to listen to music, buying good quality earphones will help you to increase volume and sound quality.
  3. Removing cases: Most of us use a mobile cover or case for protecting our costly smartphones. Even though some of the cases have grills near the speaker area so that sound can be heard, in most of them the volume and quality of sound coming from grills is lessened. So, it is better to remove the case while playing your favorite music.
  4. Equalizer: In most android phones, you don’t have any equalizer. Bass Booster and Music Volume EQ are a few equalizer apps that you can install in your android smartphone to increase volume and sound quality.

Following these simple tricks can help you get more enjoyment from your Android smartphone while listening to your favorite tunes. 

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