How to easily download a Netflix video for offline use [Tip]

NetflixIt is not difficult to download a Netflix video. Are you someone who likes to watch videos online? Do you download videos, movies or television shows from the Internet and watch them in your free time? Netflix is a global provider of streaming movies and television shows. Here are a few tricks for downloading a video so you can watch it later.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a global leader in providing streaming videos. The videos the offer include movies, television shows, music shows, etc. At the latest report, Netflix has more than 75 million subscribers. Downloading videos from Netflix has gained popularity in recent years even though it is not officially supported by Netflix. To download a Netflix video, the user is required to follow a few steps.

Steps to Download a Netflix Video

Since Netflix does not allow users to download a Netflix video officially, we are following an unofficial way to download a Netflix video. In this method, we are using application screen recording solutions.

The first step is to install Cam Studio. As discussed earlier, it is essential that we use a screen recording application to download a Netflix video. Camtasia is an open source and free tool and is a user friendly application.

Once the Cam Studio is installed in your computer, the next step is to open the browser and go to your Netflix website. Before you start the process of recording, you need to make sure that the Netflix video you are planning to download is able to play the web browser screen. Once it is confirmed, you can start the process.

Sync Audio

The user needs to select the size of the screen. By default, it is set to record a small area of the screen. Here, the user needs to change it manually to full screen capture. Once the area is confirmed, the next step is to select audio input. By default, there are three options. It is recommended to choose the option “Record audio from speakers.” This option allows the user to record a video with correctly synced audio.

Before user starts to download a Netflix video, he needs to enable a few settings. Choose the option “Minimize Program on Start Recording.” This option enables the program window to minimize to the task bar. By choosing this option, it allows you to record the video without any disturbance.

After ensuring that you have set up everything that is required to download a Netflix video, the user can now click on the Record button in Cam Studio. After clicking the record button, the user has to load the web browser window that contains the video from Netflix that is to be downloaded. Netflix content will start recording without any delay. Once recording is completed, the user needs to go back to Cam Studio and click on stop recording. Now he has to save the recorded video into the computer’s hard disk. Now the user’s video that he wanted to download from Netflix is downloaded and saved to his computer. The user can play and enjoy it whenever he wants.


This may be a time consuming but easy to follow process. Anyone with a basic idea of the Internet and PC can follow the steps. You can follow the same steps using an Android or iOS mobile to download a Netflix video.

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