How to enable multitasking in iOS [Tip]

Apple has been introducing latest and advanced features in the iOS operating system as innovation is the demand of the time and they will not succeed in the race of technology if they will not introduce some major innovations in their software.

Apple iOS incorporates a few new extraordinary features including the Split View multitasking. This component permits you to run two applications one next to the other, in a split screen view. This is the first time in the history of iOS that genuine multitasking is accessible on the Apple iOS devices particularly the iPad, which will please profitability devotees.

With Split View, however, you can accomplish something like surfing the internet while enjoying a book you are reading or compose a mail while likewise going through Twitter as an afterthought. Here is the way you can empower Split View.

Enable Split View Multitasking:

Here are the instructions that will help you do the multitasking and enable the split view:

  • Open an application that can support the Split View. Most inherent applications, for example, Mail and Notes allow it. Some outsider applications, for example, Twitter have additionally included the support for this, and more applications will probably do as such in the coming days.splitview
  • Swipe from the right edge of the screen. This will open the required application in 33% of the screen.splitview3
  • Swipe downwards from the top on the right-hand side, where the optional application is open. This will uncover a rundown of applications.splitview2
  • Pick the application you need to keep using in Split View, for example, Safari or Twitter.
  • Now pull the dark bar towards the focal point of the screen of your Apple iOS device. You can move the separating bar to resize the applications and do the multitasking as you require.

There is also another method of enabling the split view to help you do the multitasking:

  • To utilize this feature of split view open the Videos application and begin playing any video
  • Now tap the photo in picture catch and see screenshot beneath on the base of the screen or basically press the home icon while the video is being played.
  • Now the video will begin playing in a little window and you can move it around the screen while you keep on utilizing different applications.

Thus, this will help you use several applications at the same time on your Apple iOS device and you can easily accomplish several tasks. You will get rid of the closing of one application to use another one because you can now use several applications by enabling the split view and changing the size of the application to adjust as many applications as you want.

So now, enable this latest feature of the Apple iOS software so that you can enhance your experience of using the Apple devices. You will love this multitasking feature as it will help you save your time and accomplish several tasks in a single do and enjoy using your device.

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