How to use wireless Car Play in iOS [Tip]

With the passage of time, everything has to change and some innovation is made to make it more likeable by the people. Therefore, Apple has also made some unique and advanced changes in its iOS operating system. In previous days, we had to use the USB cable to play the music of our Apple iOS device. Now Apple has introduced the latest wireless car play feature in its devices.

The car play features will help you access the playlist of your device in the car without the use of USB cable and thus, there will be no need to used the cable and care for it. All you have to make sure that the stereo in your car can support the wireless car play and you will be good to go on long drives and enjoy the playlist.

Enable the Car Play:

Here is the set of instructions that will help you enable the wireless car play and thus you can enjoy your music in the car on long drives and you will not have to listen to the boring songs on the radio and will not have to worry about the lightning USB cable.

  • First, you have to go into the setting application on your Apple iOS device
  • Then tap on the option of general
  • Then go into the option of the car playsetgencarplay
  • Now you have to turn the Bluetooth on so that a pop-up option will appear on the screen of your iOS device
  • Once you have turned the Bluetooth on, you will have to tap and hold the car play button on the steering of your car for a few seconds so that the wireless car play is connected to your car stereo system.
  • Once the car play set up is done, you can easily enjoy the songs on the playlist of your Apple iOS device.

This latest feature will help you get rid of the old methods of finding and listening to the songs like using the CD or a radio, which usually never play the songs of your choice. Now you can get rid of the USB cable to connect the device to the stereo of your car. All you have to do is access the wireless car play and enjoy the songs in your playlist without any hectic and interruption.

You can also use the Siri to enable the songs you want to hear by only ordering it through your voice and enjoy the songs you love. Thus, with the help of this advanced feature, you will be never bored on the long ride because of lack of songs or you have to hear to the same songs repeatedly.

Thus, enable this amazing feature and enjoy your ride to the fullest as you can listen to your playlist and never get bored on the ride and love your experience of using the Apple iOS device to the fullest.

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