How to set app screen time in iOS [Tip]

With the introduction of many new features in the iOS operating system, Apple has also launched the latest feature of the Application time limit that will help the parents set a time limit so their children cannot use the device more than that time.

One new component of iOS is the capacity to set screen time limit on iPhone and iPad with the Guided Access highlight. The Guided Access permits you to bolt the iPad or iPhone screen inside of the application you pick. When it is on, children can just utilize that one application. To escape the application, they require your secret passcode to stop Guided Access. We have a point-by-point guide on the most proficient method to lock the screen inside of one application utilizing Guided Access. With iOS, you can likewise set a period limit utilizing the Guided Access. Before the end of as far as possible, children will simply see a dark screen letting them know the time is up. The screen gets to be in responsive, which means kids cannot receive in return for another application. The best way to unfreeze the screen is for you to impair the Guided Access, which requires the secret passcode.

Set App Screen Time:

Here is the set of instructions that will help you set the timer and passcode:

  • First, you need to allow guided access on your device by enabling it in the settings application.s1 s2 s3
  • After enabling guided access, you will get another option of the time limit, select it and set the warning sign when the time for a particular Application is up. The warning can be a sound or voice.
  • Now your time limit is set, now after opening the application you want to have the time limit on, press the home button thrice and the guided access bar will appear on it.
  • Go into options and scroll down to find the time limit, select the duration of your choice and tap done.
  • Now give the device to your child to enjoy the applications but in the time, you have decided.
  • Once the time is done, expired will appear on the screen and it will go black warning your child that it is time to leave the device.

With this latest feature of the Apple iOS devices, parents can control the usage of smart devices by their children. They will be able to select the duration their kids can use the device for and thus, children will not waste extra time playing games or being on the social media. It will also help them concentrate on studies and respect the value of time.

So set the time limit for various applications on your Apple device now to stop your children from wasting their time on pointless applications and enhance your experience by using the latest features introduced in the iOS operating system on your devices. Hope this guide is helpful for you.

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