How to run Windows in MAC OS X [Tip]

In spite of the fact that the Macs (Series of personal computers designed, manufactured, marketed and sold by Apple) have made the market and is in use by many people these days Windows is still one of the dominant operating systems as for the business is concerned. Macs have a complete range of software but still there are some features where you need to run the Windows.

Methods to run Windows in a Mac:

There are different methods of running Windows in a Mac, which includes the following:

  • CrossOver Mac
  • The Wine compatibility layer
  • Boot Camp
  • Virtual machines

1. Virtual Machines

Virtual machine programs allow you to break windows programs out of your virtual machine in order to get them on the Mac OS X desktop. However, they’ll still be running inside the virtual machine in the background.

You are required windows license to install windows in a virtual machine. Some of the popular virtual machine programs for Mac include,

  • VMware FusionLOGO1
  • Parallelsprls

Each of these is paid program. You have also got the option of using open-source Virtual Box for Mac but its 3D graphics support and Mac OS X integration are not good. You can have both of the above-mentioned programs, VMware Fusion, and Parallels, and choose which one is best for you as they offer free trials as well.

2. Boot Campbcintro

Boot camp allows you to install Windows alongside OS X on your Mac. The drawback with the Boot camp is that you can use only one OS at a time, either Windows or OS X. To switch between these two operating systems you have to restart your Mac.

You cannot run Mac OS X applications side-by-side at the same time with windows applications. As for the problem of running windows applications alongside Mac applications is concerned, a virtual machine will be ideal. Boot camp is only ideal if you want to play latest windows games on your Mac.

3. Wine Compatibility Layer

It’s a compatibility layer which allows you to run windows programs on other operating systems. Wine is not a perfect solution of running a window on a Mac as it would not be able to run every windows application on Mac OS X and will have bugs with them.

Wine itself doesn’t provide a slick graphical interface that makes this easy.

4. Cross Over Mac

Code Weavers’ Cross over Mac is a paid application which is used to run windows programs on a Mac. Cross Over provides a nice graphical interface to and has a main focus on popular programs. You can simply contact Code Weavers’ if an officially supported program is not working, and it will make the program work for you as soon as possible.

By applying all these tricks you still cannot find a better solution for running Windows on Mac. You can simply install a window on your PC and if you have got a Mac you should better focus on using Mac software.

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