How to automatically hide and show menu bar in Mac OS X [Tip]

When you use any operating system menu bar is the thing you are always concerned with because it is the thing and aspect of your operating system which will be in front of you every time and you are looking to make changes or do things with it. But in some cases you look to hide the menu bar according to the work you are doing on your operating system, it may be a movie or any assignment work. Same like this you sometimes will need menu bar to come back again in the view so this changing or hiding and showing of the menu bar in Mac OS X considered an essential feature of it and as a Mac user you should know about it. Following is a basic guide which will help you to do the automatic hide and show of menu bar in your Mac OS X.


There is a simple procedure of doing the automatic hide and show of menu bar in Mac OS X.

  • First of all, just open the simple general preferences of your Mac system.syspref
  • The second step you need to do is that just click on the General.hideandshowmenubar
  • When you will do this you will see many different commands written and they will be preceded by the checkboxes. You just need to click the checkbox behind the command of automatically hide and show menu bar and your required output will be generated.automatic

This will hide your menu bar from your screen and you will be able to use the screen of your Mac OS X without the menu bar. If you are looking to get your menu bar back you just need to do one simple thing. You just need to take your cursor at the top of the screen of your Mac OS X and wait there for a second and you will see the menu bar recovering back when the cursor will be near.

Well, this is a great feature just because sometimes you don’t need any rush on your screen and being a Mac user this thing can irritate you in a big way. By using this excellent feature you will be able to clean up your screen and work in the way you want.

There can be different kinds of things which can force you to keep your screen clean. It depends upon the work routine of yours. If you are working in an office and you are required to have the use of your screen often you might need this feature day in and day out as you will have to use your menu bar often in a day.

If you are a worker who has to do a lot of internet researches you might need it for a specific time just to browse occasionally. A lot of people really didn’t know about this feature in the start of Mac OS X arrival. But, this is a great feature and above given instructions needs to be followed to use this feature in an easy way.

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