How to control and manage windows in MAC OS X [Tip]

Windows is always a thing which needs special care in any laptop or computer. You should also know that how to control the particular window in your system and the window you are using in your computer needs your attention. If you are not aware of the things you should follow to control your windows, you might be at risk of losing your important data and other things. This thing is very important in Mac OS X.

Let’s discuss some major points to be used in Mac OS X.

Using of Mission Control in your Mac OS X:

If you are looking to get a fantastic view of your windows and other desktop spaces and windows apps, this mission control will certainly help you. This will give you better information about the view and GUI of your operating system.

Process of Mission Control:

  • You should look to swipe the touchpad or magic pad of your Mac OS X with two or three fingers at the start.
  • You should look to double tap the magic mouse of your operating system.
  • You should also click on the Dock of your computer.
  • You should also look to press mission control on the Mac Keyboard and there is also a possibility of control up arrow.

This window app shows the spaces at the top of the computer of your desktop and it shows the windows which are opened at the lower part of your computer or at the low side. You can also drag your screen to the top of the screen of your computer.missioncontrol

When you are looking to move your pointer at the top of the screen you can have the following things covered.

  • The current desktop of your Mac OS X along with the windows opened at the top.
  • Any of the windows which are opened at the desktop are also shown there.
  • If you have any window which are in split view, you can also consider it in this tool.addspace

Adding space at your Mac OS X:

If you are looking to create the spaces at the desktop of your Mac OS X just click on the create space on the desktop. This will be placed at the right side of the desktop. If you are looking to create the full space on your desktop you can also set the full screen menu for the windows if your browser has the capability.

Changing the spaces around:

You can swipe left or right of your desktop of your Mac OS X with the help of mission control app. Spaces can also be shared with the help of this excellent feature.

So, these are the things which allow you to control the windows in the Mac OS X. If you are looking to manage the windows these instructions should be kept in mind.

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