How to know if your computer is hacked? [Tip]

imagesDo you think your computer has been hacked? Lost your peace of mind due to this? Your computer, usually, shows various symptoms when it has been hacked. Has your computer been behaving differently in the last few days? Do you feel that your online activities are being monitored by someone? Do you see some unwanted programs installed on your computer? If yes, then you can be sure that your computer has been hacked by someone or by some virus.

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer virus is a program or a piece of code that is loaded into your computer. When these programs get executed, they multiply and affect the computer files, data files and the hard drives. An infected computer becomes slow, and starts behaving differently.

What is a Hacker?

A hacker is a person who steals information from your computer system without your knowledge with the help of a virus that has infected your system.

Discussed below are a few sure signs that indicate your computer has been hacked.

  1. New programs installed: If you see new programs installed on your computer or new files in your computer that you didn’t put there, then it is a sign that your computer has been hacked. The most common types of programs that are installed on your computer after it has been hacked are Trojans, Spyware, Malware and Backdoors.
  2. Password is changed: If a hacker has hacked your computer or online account, then he will change the password of your account. If you see that your computer password itself has changed, then you can be one hundred percent sure that your computer has been hacked.
  3. Virus email being sent: If your online email account has been hacked by the hacker, he will use that account to send virus emails to your friends and family to spread the virus.
  4. Increased usage of Internet: If your computer has been hacked, then you will see that your Internet connection will become slow. Most hackers will be trying to use your network to infect other computers.
  5. Unknown programs asking for access: An infected machine will behave differently. As a user, you will see a number of unknown programs trying to access your computer. As soon as you see such unknown programs requesting Internet access, block these programs and try to format the machine to destroy the virus.
  6. Security programs getting uninstalled: Once your computer has been hacked by a virus, it will try to uninstall security programs from your machine. The main purpose of uninstalling security programs is for the virus to have full control over your system.


If you see your computer behaving differently and slowing down, you can confirm that your computer has been hacked by some virus. Removing the virus should be your top priority. In most cases, you will need to reformat the system to remove the virus. To to avoid such cases, it is best to have an antivirus installed in your system. Good antivirus software can protect your computer from different kinds of viruses.

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