How to optimize Mac OS X Yosemite [Tip]

How-To-Download-OS-X-Yosemite-Beta-OS-X-Yosemite-ScreenshotsAs most of us know, Apple’s latest operating system Yosemite is now available. It provides eye candy exquisite features and organizational apps such as Mission control, Dashboard, and tools. But there is always a possibility of having issues with any upgrade. The issues which are coming out includes slow speed, laggy, issues with WiFi, problems with Bluetooth, problems with mail, problems with Spotlight, the problem with graphics and crashes, clear off the cluttered desktop, problems with hands off. So in order to fix the issues, we have done some research and tests and have come up with some tips to optimize your Mac after Yosemite Installation.

Tips to optimize Mac OS x Yosemite:

Disable the eye candy transparent window

Move towards apple menu and from system preferences just  select the  Accessibility.

Slow speed and slow boot

If you are facing problems in speed login times in Mac OS X Yosemite and you are using FileVault then simply disable FileVault and then you will notice that the speed issue is resolved.

Disable unnecessary widgets

Move towards apple menu and from system preferences choose Extensions. Click on Today from left navigation bar and uncheck all options which are not important.

Clear off cluttered desktop

Every icon which is placed on the desktop requires a memory and it also gives a rough view so in order to clear create a folder and place all the files inside it. It provides a speed boost.

Scaling effect

Go towards apple menu and select preferences. Choose Dock panel and next to Minimize windows using choose Scale effect. It minimizes the scaling effect.

Disable notifications

Go towards apple menu and select preferences and click on Notifications. On the left side of the screen the move to do not disturb option and uncheck as many boxes as possible.

Speed up new finder window generation

Select finder from the Menu, go to Preferences set the new finder windows which show to the place you visit the most.

Get rid of Spotlight

Move towards apple menu, select system preferences and click on Spotlight. In spotlight control window, choose Search Results Tab after pressing you will see a list of applications having checkboxes in front of them. Uncheck them all.

Disable automatic updates of software

Go towards apple menu and select system preferences and click on App store. Here a list comes, now uncheck the automatic updates box. Mostly when we are updating software issues may occur because often updates have bugs or conflicts with drivers which screw up your computer.

Turning on/off wifi control interface

Go towards apple menu and select system preferences and click on Network. On the left side of the screen, WiFi properties appear. From there WiFi can be turned on and off.

Turning on/off Bluetooth

Go towards apple menu and select system preferences and click on Bluetooth. Click on Bluetooth status button and you will see that the status changes. Perform your desired operation.

Now, we have done up with some of the issues that have been posted by the users. This will provide some of the flexibility to MAC OS X Yosemite. It will help in optimization of MAC OS X Yosemite.

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