How to check Internet speed in Linux operating system [Tip]

InternetDo you wish to check the Internet speed on your computer? Is your Internet performing below its normal speed in Linux OS? There are a number of ways in which we can check the Internet speed using free tools or by going to Internet speed checking sites. There are numerous websites like that help you to test your Internet speed. The main issue with these sites is that you cannot schedule automatic speed tests at regular intervals. There are a few applications that help overcome this problem and help to check the Internet speed in Linux OS.

Major Reasons for a Slow Internet Connection

There can be many reasons for your Internet connection becoming slow. It is always advised to run an Internet speed test before coming to any conclusion. Many factors like a slow machine, high traffic, virus attacks, etc. can be some of the reasons for your slow Internet connection. It is always advised to check the Internet speed when you are experiencing a slow connection.

Checking Internet Speed in Ubuntu – Linux Operating System

Ubuntu is a Linux operating system. To test the Internet speed on Ubuntu, you can install a GUI tool called “Linspeed.”

Linspeed: Linspeed is a tool that can check the Internet speed in the Linux OS. It shows the result of the test in a report that can be easily shared. It is an easy to use GUI tool.

You can also check the Internet speed from the terminal in a Linux operating system. For this, you should use a tool called Speedtest-cli.

Speedtest-cli: Speedtest-cli was developed using Python. The application allows you to test the speed of the Internet and the speed of servers. It provides you with a URL so that you can share the results of the speed test after you check the Internet speed. To install it, you should have the latest version of Python installed. After installing the latest version of Python, you can now install the program. There are two ways in which you can install it. They are 1) Using Python-Pip and 2) By downloading the Python script.

  1. Installing using Python-Pip: You can install Speedtest by first installing Python-Pip. To install Python-Pip, you need to run as a root user. Then check if the UBUNTU repositories are up-to-date.
  2. By downloading the Python script: You can download the Python script from GitHub and manually install Speedtest. After unpacking the file, execute the extracted script.

Checking the Internet Speed in Linux OS

You have to run the Speedtest-cli command and it will show you the speed test results. Both download and upload speed will be included in the result. You can share the result easily with others.


This program is a must-have tool for any developer who likes to check the Internet speed in their Linux operating system. It is a good application that provides correct and accurate results to the users.

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