How to install screenlets for desktop widgets in Linux Mint 12 [Tip]

screenletsYou may be aware of features known as Godets in Windows 7 just like them in Linux Screenlets are added for same functionality. That allow you to place different things the Linux desktop. In this guide, we will show you how to install them and make them appear on the desktop and if needed how to remove them.

For this purpose go to Software Manager from menu. And in search box type screenlet. You don’t have to Click Enter, the results will displays as you type. Click screenlets in the list that appears. And then Click Install on next screen that appears. You must certify when installing any software. It will ask for your password Enter password in the password box and hit Authenticate.

Next you will see progress bar which will obviously show the progress of the installation at the status bar which is at bottom of this dialogue.

You may observe that the dialog box still shows that the application is not installed although the installation has finished. It is a small bug. To handle it, Search again then when it appears click for screenlets in the list of the results. Now this dialog box will show Installed and a button labeled as Remove as well.

Now close the Software Manager from File menu. Now we are going to open the screenlet for that go to Accessories then open Screenlets from Applications menu.

Adding a screenlet

We will consider an example, we are going to add a screenlet called ClearWeather to desktop. On the right side of Screenlets dialog box to do this choose the ClearWeather screenlet. Then Click Add. Now screenlet is added to the desktop. You can also move it to in various directions by clicking and holding the mouse button while pointing the cursor right on the screenlet.

If you Right click on the screenlet you will find and can change settings and can remove screenlet from your desktop. You can also search and choose your location from right clicking the zip code dialogue enter the zip code of your location and add it.

Now The ClearWeather screenlet will display the weather of your selected location. Although it shows the temperature in degree Celsius. If you want it to change to Fahrenheit you can change this by also Right clicking and go to properties from ClearWeather dialog box click on Options tab then click the Weather sub-tab. To view temperature in Fahrenheit. Just deselect the Use Celsius temperature check box. Then Close to accept your changes and exit the dialog box. You can also add screenlets from the internet. There are plenty of websites that provide different interesting yet useful screenlets for your Linux.

Using screenlet avoids using the hefty and bulky software’s which occupy more space and also consumes more energy. Screenlets can do simple tasks on the distance of just few clicks. We can do our daily life calculations, convert our quantities from one unit system to another, display memos at the desktop and number of other things. Follow the simple steps to install and add screenlet on your desktop in Linux.

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